YaxhaThis Maya Archaeological site is located only 45 minutes drive from the Belize/Guatemala border.

Officially opened in 2005 after intensive excavations, this site is bordered to the North by NAKUN and on the East by NARANJO.

YAXHA (blue/green – water) has 500 buildings on 3 sq. kilometers. It was inhabited from 800 BC. to 1450 AD., and is located on a slope overlooking a major lake of the same name. From the top of its temples the view is water or jungle to the horizon, a view so unique since the Maya never built their cities near water. This is an excellent jungle setting for wildlife and culture.

YAXHA is better than CARACOL in architecture, setting and wildlife, plus you don’t need to go on a dirt road for 2 1/2 hrs. each way. It is one of the undiscovered sites, no crowds, less driving, all flat walking.

You will explore: The Lake’s Causeway, Two Astronomical Complexes, The Water Reservoirs Causeway, Plaza of the Shadows, North Acropolis, Plaza of the Birds, Palace of the Ball Court, Twin Pyramid Complex and Temple of the Red Hands.

It is a  3 or 4 hrs. visit depending on how many temples you climb. This site can be done as a normal morning departure at 7:30 am. or afternoon. Depart at 1:00 pm. and stay to watch the Sunset from the top of the highest temple with a glass of wine !!

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